Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Thursday, November 15, 2012 - same procedure as every year : upload my selection of pictures for my participation in the annual "Le plus grand concours photo du monde" organised by the renowned french magazine PHOTO. Some things never change! because again I find myself finishing the last details and uploading the pictures five minutes before midnight, though I did have 6 months to do so...
During the following 2 months I did not even follow the competition due to my excitement about Christmas. In December I received an e-mail informing me that I made it into the final selection and that I can fill out a document regarding the sale of the picture. With Christmas just around the corner I even forgot to reply.

Yesterday in my e-mail inbox; another message telling me that as I am within the winners of the contest, it would be necessary to fill out those documents.
Laureate ? Me ? Did I miss something ? This deserves a big "something somewhere went terribly wrong!!!
My picture within 500 others out of 50.000 photos from all over the globe.
Use your brain folks : this means being within the final 1% !!!
But which one ? My selection consisted of my 5 favorite ones. The little boy at the airport eventually?! So I put on my ear muffles to face the cold outside and go down the street in order to get myself a copy of PHOTO January 2013 including my very first publication. And there he was: within the category "graphisme" and price class "urban adventure" : the yellow Fiat 500 aka Luigi I captured in Florence last summer.

This was my second participation and just like last year, where I made it into the final 1000, I feel pretty proud about this publication.
Next year I'll just change one tiny detail : my hometown : #Luxembourg represent!#