Saturday, February 18, 2012


"Something somewhere went terribly wrong!" is what I told myself at the arrival in this absolutely fantastic place. After having left the nightclub my hosts told me that we wouldn't drive back home to Merida (where I arrived 18 hours before on day N°10 of my Mexican journey) and instead would stay at the weekend-house on the beach for two days. Fine for me. Anyway, do I have a choice ? It's 5 in the morning, I am in Mexico and I don't even speak Spanish and Italian isn't really helping out.

I didn't imagine that the weekend-house would look like THAT and was completely tongue-tied for at least ten minutes. Heaven on Earth Part 2 (only a week ago I believed having discovered Paradise). Though, they must have gotten something wrong. I know that to my Mexican friends I am the sophisticated, twiggy-skinny European and they couldn't believe it when I really did book my ticket destination Latin America.

I was looking for something different. The jet-set crowded French riviera and it's snobs were not an option. And since I'm more snobby than the snobbiest of snobs, I snubbed them. I chose friends, far away, danger and adventure ... and what did I get : Luxury.

A few hours later I was over it and totally into this place. And it's not just the place, it's the people. Herewith, many thanks to Alejandra Linage for this amazing trip, for her warm welcome and the night in this pool watching shooting stars (one of my absolute "make your life memorable" moments). Also many thanks to her friends for inviting me and for having added my picture to the website of this place.

By the way, I did get adventure and found myself fishing in the middle of the jungle on a lake without a ground with every conceivable option of what possibly could go wrong.