Thursday, February 9, 2012


"I'm dreaming of a white Christm ... " Oops! wrong song. I mean "white beach". I guess my brain got stuck, due to the f***ing, I mean freezing cold outside. Anybody not frozen yet ?? In order to forget for a few seconds the remorseless winter reigning outside, I throw myself into warming summer memories.

This was my trip to Heaven on Earth aka Paradise with a touch of Hell due to the beating heat of the Mexican sun. The day after my arrival my hosts took me to this marvellous place. Nice start for a three-week trip but will there be anything ahead of me able to beat this, is what I asked myself. For a few hours we forgot the world and were ... in heaven (brain got stuck again, I apologize). But back in time, that's what happened (ok, the jet lag wasn't helping out). We repeated ourselves more than once that this was too good to be true.

The location ... well the pictures speak for themselves. On top of this: the flavors  of the food; an orgasm to my gustatory sense. Last but not least, the heat of the ocean where I didn't want to get out of anymore.
I'll definitely return to this oasis ... if all of it wasn't just an illusion.

Still freezing ???

(Many thanks to Alejandra Linage for showing us the location and to Karine Daniel for having taken me there and for sharing the most amazing moment of my life (so far) with me.
If you wish to get further information, here is the website of paradise on earth : Hotel Be Tulum where amongst others Victoria's Secret organises its photo shootings.)