Sunday, February 26, 2012


Take an architecture student, a hotel management student and a camera. Where would they probably go during a city trip ? Of course !  the most recent design hotel in town. So there we were. Just before sunset on one of my last days of my journey to Mexico my friend Alejandra showed me one last terrific place : the hotel Rosas & Xocolate located on Merida's most important historic avenue.

This hotel is situated in two renovated colonial mansions and resembles a seductive labyrinth. During an hour we lost ourselves (and I really lost her at some moment) in this fantastic place. A true "boutique hotel", which in the hotel cant stands for "one of a kind".

After an entire day surrounded by tourists in heaps and a 2 hours bus ride, the atmosphere at the hotel was relaxing and the perfect finish line of my trip to Merida.

"Pink is the new Black" as you can see in the pictures and it definitely looks stunning. Even though the omnipresence of the colour, you don't feel like being in Barbie's mansion. The colour reflects the romantic ambiance, a brilliant marriage of the traditional with the creative.

Should I ever return, I already know where to stay.