Wednesday, February 29, 2012


After this it's the beginning ! (insider)
Everything that's left are amazing memories and many pictures of my very first trip abroad. To make the leaving part easier I had an upgrade on the plane and travelled in business class back to my beloved Brussels Zaventem followed by a two-hour car ride destination Luxembourg and on the following day the start of my Parisian life including my new job also known as back to reality.

Many thanks to Karine Daniel for inviting me to discover the culture of her country, to Mochy Daniel for sharing her wisdom during the discussions about life and Alejandra Linage for taking the time to show me around. You are always welcome in my place.

BEHIND THE SCENES : I got lost 3 times on this trip, starting with my arrival by train in Brussels where I ended up in some weird telephone shop as my phone decided to give up on me. My bag was heavier than I. I got bit by some strange fish during a swim in a cenote. I saved a cat out of a trash and named it Trash-cat. I saw the first shooting star of my life and forgot the wish I made. My mobile phone fell into the pool because I was drunk just after having called my Mum at 3 a.m. in the morning (lucky me that it was 10 in the morning at home), I thought of sending a postcard to my ex-boyfriend in order to tell him "von wegen GretchenTragödie I had a Gespräch mit einem Hund" but I didn't and yes I had "the runs" due to the spiced food and the ice-cold water and No I still don't understand Spanish.