Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ARE YOU ALIVE - @ L'Oréal Photo Marathon

A week ago I have been invited by L'Oréal to participate in their photo marathon event. To make a long story short, just have a look at this video to understand what it is about. Sole big difference and challenge compared to the edition from previous spring; on November 7th at 6 p.m. it is pitch-dark outside.
The given theme has been "Are you alive" further to this  campaign for a fragrance for men by Diesel.
Double or even triple complicated if a) it's dark outside (technical challenge), b) it is a one-shot picture and not a movie and last but not least c) your name is Maxime Willems and you are bad at taking pictures of people and the main subject or lets call it object of your pictures are still lifes ,"nature-morte" in French which has not much to do with being alive.
However, the idea was there : a skater at "Place de la République" because being alive means movement, passion, talent. But I failed at point a) the technical issue due to the darkness outside and decided that instead I would do what I was best at, capturing a still life that would be alive.
You can see the result above.
A stylish light bulb inside an old vintage hand lantern. Because where you can find light, you often find life. Besides, the modern stylish light bulb brings back to life the old lantern.
I did not make it into the finalists but I must admit for once that that was not such a big deal, just participating and facing the challenge made me feel alive.