Monday, December 2, 2013


Monday. Definitely the most unpopular day of the week, contrariwise to holy Friday everyone is so grateful for.
Though, Monday is a "firsty"; a new start, the beginning of a new week where everything becomes possible again. Today is even the last first Monday of a new month for this year. Monday it kind of like the first day of January; the kick off for a brand new week with possibilities and potential successes.
I think what people are saying when they say, “Ugggh, it’s Monday”, is that the only part of their life that brings them joy is the weekend. Since Monday is the first day back from the weekend and the furthest day away from the next weekend, Monday becomes some dark and sinister power, out to decrease your happiness level.
Now, we have been conditioned to think that Monday through Friday, we get up and go someplace we don’t want to go and do something we don’t want to do. Live with that victim attitude, settle without trying to change anything, and you’re wishing the better part of your life away, telling yourself that only two days of every week have any worth, six at the most.
If the average person lives eighty years and there are fifty-two Mondays in a year, that adds up to four thousand, one hundred sixty Mondays or…ELEVEN YEARS.  Are you really going to complain about eleven years of your life?
The picture above has been taken on Monday September 23rd. My first day back in Paris after summer holidays, the first Monday in a different context because I quit my job, a Monday behind many closed doors because they led me nowhere and foremost a Monday fraught with a new beginning, a new start,  a new adventure : the first day of school.
On my way back home I crossed this courtyard that I had to picture and  it perfectly fit that Monday with the hallway to be crossed, the bicycle, symbol of moving on and the new welcoming entrance door on the other side of the street.
Hereupon I have to get back to my books.
In the meantime, leave poor Monday alone!