Monday, April 15, 2013


Today's heroes!
This picture is not even one hour old but so worth the quick post.
Those two guys totally made my day.
After the sunny Sunday yesterday, Saint Maxime by the way, today was pretty grizzly. Of course I got sunburned and I caught a cold (same procedure as every year), which kind of messed up my usual Monday off. Around five in the evening I chose to head towards the Jardin des Plantes, just a few streets from home in order to leave my place at least for a little hour before sunset.
Just the camera, me and my pockets full of handkerchiefs.
I caught myself thinking "wow, are you really so out of creativity that you're going to picture flowers now?" because on a funny illustration I have seen once, the flower photography is considered as Level -1 (excepting for macro-photography) - "all the flowers I shoot are beautiful pictures, I should turn photographer" because flowers are obviously and by evident proof beautiful and it doesn't require much talent to end up with some nice pictures.
I wondered if this year I would be able to top my favorite picture taken at Houston Airport in summer 2011 because since a few months I find myself doing "nice" series of places and things but nothing really fulfilling my heart.
After an hour of intensive flower shooting I was about to leave the garden when I crossed a bunch of kids. Usually I totally avoid them but the guy on the right caught my attention. Probably because he continuously had his thumb in his mouth, which is an important childhood memory to me because this was indispensable in order to fall asleep at night. I think I only stopped at the late age of sixteen when I went to sleep over at my first boyfriends place. (OK, now you know the biggest secret in the collection of Maxime Willems, Life Behind My Lens).
Only after a few pictures of the sitting kid I understood that just next to him was standing his older brother, wearing the same sweater, who just like him could not get his fingers out of his mouth. It wasn't easy to picture them as many people crossed the footway between us but this one totally fulfilled my heart and I left missing my own brother and finding out that my former boyfriends always had brothers and no sisters.
Don't be astonished if you never get to see the flower pictures, they are for the trash.