Sunday, March 24, 2013


"Paris is always a good idea."

Over the last few months, many friends were on a vist in Paris. Besides being their host my main role is to show them around, take them to good restaurants and make them feel comfortable aka the tour guide. Sounds like a lot of fun (just kidding) on your free weekend consisting in "Paris tour, session number 23".

The iron lady, the Louvre, the Place Vendôme, the Opéra ... NOT. Not with me. We did it all my way. And I am definitely not a fan of the Parisian classics crowded with tourists. Oh, before I forget, no Galleries Lafayette; an absolute no go.

This is already the third time I am living in Paris. Well, you can't really call my first 4 months back in 2006 living in Paris. It comes closer to surviving an internship coupled with metro boulot dodo.Bref, I foremost saw the insides of a luxury hotel, the underground and my blankets. My second stay was not that much fun for many reasons, a regret I have and that's why this time I chose to live Paris. Now I never take the malodorous metro and as previously mentioned I don't reduce Paris to its classics (excepting the baguette).

This city has so much more to offer. So many streets to get lost in, so much culture, so many book stores, a lot of window shopping, so many restaurants for my notebook*, amazing hidden courtyards and infinite eye candy to feed my eyes behind the lens.

To be continued...