Saturday, September 15, 2012


In contrast to my trip to Mexico last summer, everything about Italy has been kind of more spontaneous. This time you would not find me devouring the latest "Lonely Planet Edition" in order to make sure not to miss anything.

However, I had made my investigation by asking a friend who did enjoy Italy in 2011 while I was discovering the Mexican floor. To quote her accurately, her opinion was the following : "Florence is beautiful but I am absolutely not getting the fuss they make about it!" I could not believe her words, Florence was supposed to be the highlight of my trip, especially to feed my eyes behind my lens. I even made her repeat her cruel truth. This time she added up : "... you will like Florence but you will fall in love with San Gimignano! ... you'll see!"

She would be proved correct after all : I was disappointed by Florence. Maybe even more because I believed that this big classic with it's romance could only prove her wrong. And I did fall for San Gimignano as you can see above.

So put down that map and get wonderfully lost.