Monday, May 28, 2012


A year ago I watched "Midnight in Paris" and now I experienced "Midnight in Paris".
But that is not where this movie opens so let's fast backwards in time a little bit :
On the occasion of a friends birthday I chose to escape from Paris for 18 short hours in order to spend a night out celebrating with friends. As anticipated, time passes twice as fast as usual during such events you have been waiting for (like forever) and sooner than might be thought I find myself in the train heading back to Paris where my job expected me. To make a long story short, once arrived in Paris I find myself crying on the phone with (guess who!) my mother, weeping that I don't want to be back here - that I only left a few hours ago ... Like a good mother she follows her maternal duty and tells me to make the best of the weekend which due to the defiance of a bad child I refuse to listen to.

That much for the context.
Now, for the perfect French touch, the song  matching this post.

After a week of homesickness followed by a short escape destination home which even worsened the nostalgia, Paris got me back. Had I forgotten about the culinary heaven already ? To rewin my heart, the French Capital brought forward all it's arguments : salted butter from the Normandie region, delicious charcuterie, fabulous (and ways too much) French wine and even cigars (not sure those were French though ...) and last but not least; its romance. Walking, no dandering ("flâner" as the French use to call it) during a summer night in a silk summer dress  along the river Seine on those cobble stone streets, filled with music and the light from the lanterns feels like a huge fast backwards to a time "que les moins de vingt ans ne peuvent pas connaître".

Finally, the theory of "no disappointment if no expectations" turned out to be true and made these days absolutely outstanding. Defiant and rebellious I had not given any chance to this weekend far from "home" and today I find myself like a stupid idiot, calling my mother once more, announcing that I had the time of my life, ... la honte!
By the way, the homesickness is healed and who cares which city I am escaping to or escaping from, I have 2 hometowns now. Paris, je t'aime moi non plus.