Thursday, January 26, 2012


After two everlasting months of waiting ... finally the results.
During the first weeks after having send 0ut my pictures for the 31st edition of "Le plus grand concours photo du monde" organised by the renowned french magazine PHOTO I didn't even think of it anymore. I was aware that I had two entire months of waiting ahead of me. January 15th approaching, I started to get nervous. On January 15th I was within the first customers at the press. While all the others were as usual buying their needed dose of tobacco, I was heading to the art corner with the photography magazines. I insist on the fact that this situation is inconvenient because usually I am within the last customers at the press, wandering around, looking at various types of magazines and maybe, eventually, perhaps, possibly,... not buying any magazine.

In front of me : PHOTO magazine December 2011. Maybe January is somewhere else. - No.
Or maybe still in a box before being unwrapped. So let's ask the shop man. - No.
I leave the press with an air of disappointment telling myself that a few more days of waiting are nothing compared to the two months abaft me.

One thing is for sure : The shop man at the press of the Parisian Boulevard Saint Jacques knows my face (girl with the ear muffles) and got the message that I am totally into photography.

A few days and many visits later, the one and only PHOTO January 2012 was finally in the shops and in my pocket. OK, none of my pictures has been published (give me a chance, it is my first participation) but ... I am within the 1000 finalists out of 50000 pictures and felt pretty proud to find my name on that list.

My congrats go to Sebastien Cuvelier from Luxembourg who won the first price in the categorie "your perception of design".