Sunday, January 29, 2012


So far my personal absolute favorite picture of my young photographer career. Not scheduled but spontaneous, two strangers in one place, one captured moment - an eternal impression. Last but not least, a lot of luck made this picture what it is due to the fact that we found each other at the same time in this place, the amazing background, no other person walking around and a camera ready to shoot.

Houston Airport has been my final stop over on my trip to Mexico. After having checked out American junk food for a starter, main dish and desert I decided to discover this airport further to the photo shooting in the early morning at Brussels Zaventhem. Arrived in front of the huge glass partition I initially just wanted to take an ordinary picture of it. While choosing the right settings on my camera, I looked up once and discovered in front of me this kid.

I love how little he is especially compared to the giant window in the background.
In front of him on the other side of the window : The entire world!

Besides being little he is also terribly young. A minor detail which made this moment so unique to me because it was the first time in my life that I have felt kind of old. Of course compared to him. But he has something in front of him that to me is far behind : an entire childhood.
Not to forget his innocence and his unawareness of how the world outside really is. Right now, he is still save, as if this huge glass construction would protect him from all the evil outside. The only visible worrying message : "EARN BABY EARN" in the top left corner of the picture, like a welcome greeting to our capitalistic world.

I believe "Houston, we have a problem!"