Friday, December 9, 2011


During the previous few years I have been to Brussels for various occasions and to be honest; I had already given up on it. This odd, ugly, grey city without any charm. (Ok, I wasn't totally over Lyon, amazing, beautiful, charming French city where I have done my studies). In a nutshell : Brussels & I, it wasn't the perfect match. Though, all my hosts did their best.

By the end of May, I decided to give one very last chance to Belgium's capital. Camera in my bag, I took the train on a sunny Saturday morning at 6 a.m. destination Brussels. 36 absolutely fabulous hours later I took the train back home, camera in the bag again but this time I left my heart in Brussels ... Some shots of our love story underneath :

Initally I had planned to take all the pictures in black and white as everything ugly ends up beautiful in black and white but in the end I came home with this picture style based on a very low colour shade. Matching colours that are expressing a breeze of anarchy in this ungovernable country ;)
These are the pictures of the cloudy Saturday which we passed walking trough the streets of Brussels including some nice breakfast, lunch and tea. I will dedicate my following post to the sunny Sunday.

Before I finish, here are my top adresses that will definitely make you fall for Brussels :

Eat :
Lola at the Place du Grand Sablon. I'll never forget the delicious flavour of the scallops on steamed leeks. A cosmopolitan brassery that has become a true classic.

Sleep :
For the night I recommend this address : the  Bemanos Hotel . Luxury design and contemporary spaces made this my absolute favourite boutique hotel. Not to forget the "wow" breakfast buffet where I could have stayed forever and just forget the world.

Shopping :
Last but not least my favourite shopping destination : the Rose Shop which I have discovered during my very first stay in 2008 and where I have taken all my hosts to who had lots of trouble to get me out of it again. The ideal place to find gifts for family & friends (not to forget yourself ... ).

Enjoy your stay !