Saturday, October 1, 2011

:::::::::: DIME A DOZEN ::::::::::

Taken in Brussels at the "CO2 - C'est notre Terre, de Kyoto à Copenhague" exposition, in March last year, it is one of the very few pictures I have taken in 2010. For a photo I have not even taken on my own initiative, I am astonished how it ends up amonst those with a story :

"DIME A DOZEN" is about the people that  cross your way. At the beginning, strangers to each other who meet at some point in time because :
something in their eyes was so inviting,
something in their smile was so exciting
They were strangers in the night,
up to the moment when they said their first hello,
little did they know

... but it does not always turn out right for strangers in the night. Some end up strangers to each other again because along the way something somewhere went terribly wrong.

The post is named "dime a dozen" in contrast to the expression of "one in a million".
Close to one another, but only for a moment and the moment's gone, they return strangers to each other, and every time they will meet at the "crossroad" they will choose different roads as if they had never met before.
The title also matches the image perfectly due to the empty olive oil cans in the background. They are all the same; "cookie-cutter" olive oil cans building a wall. Just like strangers in the night, indifferent to each other, building a crowd. You don't give a damn about any of them, the cans nor the strangers.

Usually I avoid to work on the pictures in Photoshop & Co but for once I thought that it would enhance the topic of the picture. The displayed images are based on the Negative of the Original, overstated in various colours. The negative version brings forward the theme of the "nobody" whereas the multiple colours double the "dime a dozen" effect.