Saturday, September 10, 2011


As previously mentioned; it has only been about 3 years ago that I got myself a camera. A short trip to London in March 2009 was my very first occasion to give it a trial. On a freezing Saturday, handsome Philippe B. (in the picture above, studied in London at that time) took us (Annick, arriving from Brussels and myself, arriving from Paris) through the busy streets of London. I just had discovered the Sepia and Monochrome functions on the camera and in the end 90 % of my shots on that day were achromatic.

My absolute favorite shot of that trip is obviously the one above. Philippe was having a look at a map "you are here right now" and was already about to keep moving when I saw that this would make a nice picture and asked him to look at the map once more (...) in order to capture that moment. I love his French look with the beret in the streets of London with the typical London Bus who indicates where we actually are.

The post is called "LONDON - ISN'T IT?" due to the fact that during the whole weekend, all British or London people that we were listening to, would add "isn't it" to the end of their sentence even if is was just a statement and not even a question, which seemed weird to us and ended up the slogan of our weekend. Another reason for this title is that by seeing this picture without knowing where it has been taken, the observer will, by seeing the bus in the background, have the tendency to say: "That's in London, isn't it?" I find it a funny detail that accessorily Philippe is looking at one of those maps with the reference point "you are here right now".