Thursday, September 15, 2011


"Mariage d'un grand cru" is a different post because to me it is not about the pictures but about the moment that Marie & Bernard allowed me to share with them. It has been one of those absolutely "make your life memorable" moments: unique, ephemeral, ... to keep it short: absolutely exceptional. Just like them! which is the main reason why it's named "mariage d'un grand cru".

The title is in French as both of them are from France and so are the famous Grands Crus wines. A little detail and at the same time an absolute highlight in this story is that the mariage was taking place in the middle of Bordeaux's renowned wineyards (additional reason for the choice of the title).
It has been the very first wedding I have been invited to and Marie & Bernard raised the bar very high with this amazing location, the dancing guests in the middle of a beautiful summernight, the unforgettable homily at the chapel and of course themselves.

Regarding the pictures: with the time-lag I don't find them "wow" anymore as I can see all my technical mistakes but they totally serve their purpose: catch the memorable moment. Just  like in London (where I became obsessed with the monochrome functions) most of the pictures I have taken were in black & white. Color pictures do exist but I don't wish to mix them up in the post. I also devote this post to Marie who liked my pictures and was the first one to encourage me to carry on this hobby.

Another detail which is downright reflective of this couple is that we were all enjoying good wine instead of Champagne. Marie & Bernard are people with real values and miles away from superficial. They are simple and elegant, have taste and are clever, profound and sophisticated. A "grand cru", one-of-a-kind.

Me for one, I am the biggest fan of their relationship. At this point in time where relationships don't seem to last forever anymore and where betrayal became an option, they had the heart to choose mariage at the early age of 23. Knowing them and the few obvious secrets of their love I absolutely believe in them and their mariage. It wasn't even necessary that the priest made allusion to the need of independance and freedom of each individual in a couple because they already applied that perfectly. An oustanding couple that knows how to grow together by respecting each other and knows how to "mettre de l'eau dans son vin".