Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Maxime Willems

Chapter 8

                                                             During a recent job interview I have been asked "...so photography is your type of art; can you list us some renowned artists that inspire you?!" ("!..." exposant l'infini).  Every job interview has this fatal question that you are not prepared to, the one you were so not ready for in that moment when you finally were kind of comfortable (or at least as close as you could get to comfortable in this kind of situation), the one that completely makes you lose ground under your feet. So here I was taken aback - speechless, the French call this "un grand moment de solitude".

After having been gabbing some flimflam about Roy Lichtenstein and the Helmut Newton exposition in 2012 in Paris, I was more than happy that nobody insisted and that this question could be archived into my collection of awkward job interview questions. However, during the following sleepless night, I gave this question one more thought. It was actually a very simple question which does not really fit into my collection of awkward job interview questions. Though, I was not able to answer it naturally. It's the association of the words "renowned" and "inspire" that made me capitulate; because there is no renowned artist at the source of my inspiration.

As my daily early morning routine consists in having breakfast while scrolling through the Tumblr of "A Well Traveled Woman", which is filled with amazing pictures of natural surroundings, inspiring quotes and further reminders about what life is really about, I guess that's my true source of inspiration, in adequation with the statement that "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and absolutely worth penning a new chapter over here (depuis le temps...). I couldn't agree more on her latest Blogpost regarding social media tools, which reminds me more than ever why I still do not promote this Blog, do not care much about its layout and remain loyal to the slogan of "To Whom It May Concern".

P.S.: got the job.