Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Maxime Willems

Chapter 7

                                                             La  honte! (...) is the least one can say about my inactivity on this blog; it has been one month since my last post and more than 9 months that Chapter 6 has been penned. Since, 3 seasons have passed by. In my defence, I do have a solid alibi explaining my absence. (where is my lawyer when I need him?)

Further to all the recent "marketing spam", some may have noticed that the past 6 months have been about completing a Master's degree an major career changes. Puis, they were about really arriving in Paris (depuis le temps...), and new upcoming projects. Bref! they were about letting go a job, and old love, fake friends,... and making room for the new.

After 6 months of studies in Brand Management I should be able to promote my own brand (not!). So, here's the new, here's the real, here's the life you wished you live, now here's the new girl taking on the world tonight... After 6 months of hard work on a professional and personal level I find myself with an overdose of information in my brain (fortunately I let go enough so there was enough space) and an upgrade on various levels: Herewith I am lucky to finally introduce the photography website matching this blog with a selection of my best pictures including a few previously unreleased treasures :

Feel free to visit, comment and share. I hope this first project will excuse my recent photography and blogging inactivity. Pardon my French, I am just so excited, I am taking on the world tonight.