Friday, January 24, 2014


I was very proud back in October when I uploaded my selection of pictures for my participation in the annual "Le plus grand concours photo du monde" organised by the renowned magazine PHOTO, 10 days before closing date. As you all may know from previous editions, I am a last minute person and usually late in real life (...). But this time I even checked in advance for when the pictures were due and put a note into my agenda to book an entire Sunday evening to take care of this project. I may have thought that after having been rewarded last year, it would be the least to take this serious and to be professional.

Two and a half month later, I found myself walking to the same library where I bought the PHOTO magazine last year but with a very different attitude. Nervous on my way to the library, agitated while looking for the photography magazines, shivering when I saw this year's edition of the PHOTO magazine, tense when I started thumbing through it.

Why all this stess?
I was not just competing against the 49.999 other pictures, I was foremost competing against myself; my best self who made it into the winners last year. The probability to make it into the final 1% is so small, but to make it into the laureates two years in a row is nearly impossible.

And there it was; in the top left corner of page 86 :
The inconsiderable (un"schein"bar) picture I had taken at Houston Airport in summer 2011 on my way to Mexico. Two years ago, on January 18th 2012, I dedicated a post on this Blog to it naming it "BRILLIANT", related to the "Shoe Shine" advert.  A post without any further details, no explanations, absolutely self-sufficient.

Apparently picture N°94 decided to live up to its name and stood out from the crowd by shining from within.