Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Tuesday morning. Guess who was late again ?
Ok, this time I was late anyway and literally had to jump out of my trousers.  I had absolutely no intentions of taking any pictures today as the sky was grey and I had to stay focused on my job. Good plan Mrs Willems... but if rules are made to be broken, then plans are made to be changed. The truly intriguing subject that ruined all my plans was an open door (as usual), which is just 50 meters from the office and usually closed and foremost locked. Months ago I had caught a glimpse of this secret world but since I never had that chance again. So of course, I did not think twice this morning and lost 2o more minutes telling myself that on Wednesday morning I could show evident proof of my delay on the blog and that everyone would absolutely agree that it was worth it. 

Usually, once lost inside those hidden treasures, I forget that I am in Paris. This time I even wondered if this was still real. Not enough for Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" but coming close to Astrid Lindgren's "Pipi Langstrumpf moving to the Villa Kunterbunt". I really had to look twice sometimes, especially when I discovered the pink room inside a house at the bottom of the courtyard.

The overdose of pictures in this post is  just a fraction of the input I got in this place and which I am unable to translate in words. A picture perfect world maybe.