Saturday, June 1, 2013


Well, obviously yes! those are kind of the same pictures over and over again, only from different angles. I just could not get enough of the shafts of sunlight that enlightened Paris this morning and totally made my day. 

I took them on my way to work, the less funnier part of my beloved Saturdays. But on the other side, I have a pretty nice walk to get there and I don't find myself sitting underground inside a smelly metro. It's all about the angle (always look on the bright side of life).

For months, I have been unfaithful to my second half, the Canon camera, and I even betrayed her with the Instagram application on my phone. Our separation had unpardonable consequences for the Blog, our relationship (...) and foremost my mood, as Instagram is not very challenging and just a funny toy boy.

Last night I've decided to go back to the roots and promised that from June 1st onwards, I would always carry my camera with me. And this felt much better this morning and made this very first day of a summer-months absolutely brilliant and bright.