Monday, March 4, 2013


Since my arrival in Paris about 18 months ago, Monday is, instead of Saturday, my day off. I have never been and am still not very excited about this detail; that much that I not even going to develop the subject. The worst is that 100 out of 114 Mondays have been rainy days. "Keep calm and pretend it is not Monday" was not really helping!

While looking forward for spring to arrive, I have been checking the weather forecast since a few weeks and all the darkness disappeared when they announced a sunny Monday.

Monday, March 4th and my person are actually in love. After an entire day outside, the discovery of various new streets and corners, 250 pictures and empty batteries, I really must admit I loved this day...
And against all odds, I even could extract advantages from this weekday. By contrast with Saturdays and Sundays nobody is disturbing my view and walking trough the street I am trying to picture, the risk of getting almost killed by a car is divided by 10 and the best is yet to come: many doors are open and allow to discover secret gardens and courtyards.

"PARIS, COMME UN LUNDI" will be my selection of pictures of Paris, similar to the "POSTCARDS FROM ..." series. This selection is starting with the pictures above, which were my absolute highlight of the day. (OK I admit, I almost did get run over by a car while taking them but then again I am even getting used to it now). I loved the decoration at the flower shop and how it reflected the arrival of spring that could be found on many window boards if you had your eyes open.