Thursday, February 28, 2013


Since a few weeks I have been thinking and talking a lot about my stay and my friends in Mexico. This place where I had the time of my life back in summer 2011. While waiting for spring to arrive and after an awful day at work (France would be so perfect without the French), I found myself digging in my archives in quest of some memories to rehash my heart.

And I stumbled across those pictures and wondered why I never shared them. They were taken during my last day in Merida where my friend told me that I could not leave this town without stepping by at this place. And she was right. It was love at first sight. This hacienda was absolutely amazing and foremost well hidden in an unremarkable area I would have never gone to without her.

I feels pretty unreal when I imagine that over there all I was longing for was some shadow and an entire waterfall to pour down on me while now I would give everything for this heat...