Friday, February 8, 2013


"L'antidote à la peur, c'est l'amour."

Besides Frank Sinatra, the indispensable classics on my I-pod are the U2 albums including the songs "In the name of love" and of course "Everlasting love". There is still a week to go until Saint Valentine's Day but as the opponents of this day proclaim, do we need to be February 14th to honour this truly intriguing subject?

I must admit, as for me "ça me dépasse"! which explains why I am constantly calling love an intriguing subject. Already starting with the quotes and lyrics "it comes and goes" (???) Did I get something wrong ? Isn't it supposed to be everlasting? Well, just like polar bears, this feeling is threatened with extinction, obviously. In a society where divorce is totally ordinary and even more common than marriage, I am probably a naif dreamer and endangered species as well.

I always wonder about how can it be that it is just fading away ? Helloooooo? Fading away? just like the letters on the cups in the picture. Don't they remember the moments, the story, the promises, the love? Well, how could I understand this with my theory about everlasting, invincible love. I am probably old-fashioned or to make it sound more exciting let's call it vintage and limited-edition, nowadays. (Definitely less scary than endangered species).

Maybe the secrets are the following : communication, the truth and forgiveness !