Tuesday, December 4, 2012


On my trip in early September to Lyon, a huge surprise offered by the company I am working for was waiting for me : an entire afternoon of "Food Styling and Photography Workshop". You can imagine where I was : in heaven.

The tree themes; Minestrone, Ratatouille and Gauffre were awarded by drawing lots. I hope the picture above is reflective of the one I drew...

But this entire project had nothing to do with what I usually do : being in my bubble only with my camera, shooting whatever whenever I want to. This was facing my biggest weakness: being part of a team (now it's official, hopefully no recruiter will ever read my blog), being in competition with other teams and last but not least respecting limited timing.

I spare you the entire - battle against time, battle against the others, battle against the own team  and battle against myself -part. In short, it was not exactly matching my imagination of how heaven feels like.

The only easy part in the end was taking the picture. A week ago I finally got to see my very first print which is now hanging at the office. And even somewhere else : in the companies recently opened cooking studio in New York.
This by the way does feel like heaven.
If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere ;)
... so far the print made it to New York before me !

Herewith I would like to thank :
- Marie Perron, photo stylist : www.marieperron.com
for her help, her inspiration and her backup during the more emotional moments

- Laurène Tournier, photographer
for answering all my questions regarding photography, cameras, studios and her career