Sunday, December 16, 2012


I'm so excited I just can't hide it !! Only one more week to go until Christmas holidays.
In order to give you an idea of my excitement, please note that the countdown started with the beginning of November (...). Since a few days I even find myself awake until 3 in the morning out of excitement. I could do handstands and somersaults for & backwards. That's why, after desperate turning and tumbling (bon, dréinen an kéiren"!), I find myself writing this blog post and drinking jus de fraises in the middle of the night.

Christmas is in the air, no it is everywhere! Christmas Magic caught me after more than twenty years of frosty "catch me if you can". I am totally under its spell. I even found myself waiting for the first Christmas songs on the radio (...). Tomorrow, no, today is the big buying-the-gifts-day followed by the do it yourself gift-wrapping-Monday. Not to forget the entire cooking preparations; since a few days I am turning nuts my team at the cooking studio by testing various recipes and new techniques. And the baking part, ... I want to make them all. On top of the list are the German Cinnamon Star Cookies.

My train-tickets destination home arrived yesterday by mail and if I could I would pack my bags right here right now and drive to the train station but I try to calm down and tell myself that there is too much stuff I still need until then. Everyone concerned is perfectly briefed about all the plans on my "I am waaaays to long for 2 weeks"-to-do-list.

I guess the strawberry juice vitamins are not really helping, I'll have a tea.

PS : Jingle bell, jingle bell, now the jingle hop has begun. It's the right time to rock the night away. *Kopfstand* - Gib doch jemand diesem Kind Ritalin.