Monday, November 19, 2012


On a sunny Sunday morning in September I took the train destination Lyon.
I cannot even describe my excitement about finally returning to the city of my heart. It kind of comes close to the butterflies in your stomach before every date at the beginning of a relationship.

I did not return to Lyon since February 2010 aka back in the days when I still lived in Geneva and was in desperate need of escapes on weekends from this grey city without any soul.

"Home is where your heart is!" and I guess I left my heart in Lyon during my studies.  Back then I did not have a camera so of course her presence was evident, no even mandatory, for this trip.

Once arrived in Lyon, I immediately headed towards the Vieux Lyon and my former street, the "rue des Trois Maries" in the quartier Saint Jean. My excitement started to be mixed-up with some nostalgia, sadness and joy. Even if I am in peace with Paris now (after several tries), there is something cosy about Lyon. Again, I simply should not compare I guess. Though, nothing comes close to Lyon.

So this post is in memory of the good times in Lyon, the pillow fights with my former flat mate, the sunny afternoons in early spring and late autumn, Aix en Provence just next door, the several dinners at Lolo Quoi, my favorite Italian restaurant, the fabulous boutique hotels which inspired me for many school projects and the delicious food of course.