Sunday, November 18, 2012


The answers you get depend on the questions you ask.

"Honestly" at the beginning, this picture was not even in my selection of those with the potential to be published on this blog. Worse; every time I saw it, the frustration I felt, when I was not able to catch with the camera what I saw with my eyes, emerged. But there was something about it. I do like the banister on the right, the houses in the left front corner and the chimneys on the rooftops (left and bottom of the picture). But! I do not like the huge signboard in the very middle. It attracts all the attention and those who don't look twice won't even see the Parisian charm translated by the house, the banister combined with the lantern. Besides, it is a huge photography mistake to have a subject in the middle of the image. And in this case : highly visible would still be an understatement.

A truly intriguing subject.

The "I like you but ..." and the fact that there is something about this picture are the main reasons why it is ending up released in the end.

There really is a foreground and a background in this photo. By watching closely you can see an entire construction going on in the after-image. A mass of cranes in a Paris nobody wants or gets to see. Just like the story of some people that cross your way. Some hide it very well, their real personality, who and what they truly are behind the scenes. Either by being totally focused on you or by keeping the center of attention on the perfect image they have created of themselves. Visible to the public; only the clean and polished side. Everything that happens behind the scenes remains well hidden just like Dorian Gray's portrait with his true face. A simple-hearted, innocent soul will eventually never discover the dark side of someone apparently so close to perfection in the foreground. Always reminds me of this song : A perfect lie.

Though, the very first step to perfection should be to be true.