Thursday, July 19, 2012


Last week I was out of my mind. More precisely: bored out of my mind.
Instead of fighting this boredom by stalking people on Facebook, which even may lead to the feeling of being boring, I chose to fight this awkward situation with a more useful activity (...).

Before starting, I had to check on the ingredients in order to realise this project.
So what did we have :
- an "atelier de cuisine" with a fridge full of food
- my own cook
- some tiny useless material such as a cocotte
- my camera
- daylight

A big challenge because food photography remains pretty complicated and a ground I try to avoid in general. It took some time to install everything (though I did not have much), to make clear to the cook that I needed visible perfection and no good taste.

5 melted ice-creams and 70 pictures later, boredom was history.

I was right. Food photography is not fun. Besides the annoying ice-cream I had to fight with my own shadow, the mirroring and other reflections and foremost the fact that no matter which angle I chose, the entire thing still looked like sh**! Maybe one day I'll get Anne from Anne's Kitchen to tell me the secret that make her pictures look so damned good.

Within my 70 shots I found this only exception, which won't get tucked far away into the archives; out of sight - out of my mind. Forever on my mind though, this funny moment of turning an "atelier de cuisine" into a photo studio.

Bon apétit!