Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Far away from the Parisian noise, smog and fog I am enjoying silence and fresh air at home for a few days. Again under the slogan "the early bird catches the worm" I got up early this morning and observed nature at the crack of dawn which I am usually used to encounter only before going to bed late after a looong night out and if so I hate the sound of singing birds announcing daybreak.

Exactly one year (yes I know I am very "year by year", almost worth another post) after having taken my first macro picture I stole my mothers camera (mine did not survive the Vienna trip), the macro objective lens and some boots and together with my cat, who only was concerned about getting food I believe, we were heading outside.

During this early hour outside I had to face the facts that taking macro pictures is not that easy as it looks like, that there are spiders all around and that a hungry cat is really not helping out and even able to eat the subject of your attention.

Compared to the usual "metro boulot dodo" day to day life it was a huge pleasure to take the time to enjoy the silence and to listen to the grass grow. Even if my habit and need for cocooning and privacy is highly criticized I still do believe that the human being does need such moments alone, which unfortunately is being more and more forgotten in our busy society where being alone is considered as weird, annoying and would mean having to encounter your thoughts.

But then I wonder why does everyone always complain about not having enough time for himself.