Sunday, April 22, 2012


Early, ... no! Very early to be more precise on this sunny Sunday morning I told myself "The early bird catches the worm!" in order to motivate myself to get out of bed to take pictures during sunrise at the market before my famous culinary street will be totally crowded by tons of tourists. Then again I thought "but the second mouse gets the cheese!" in order to grant myself a few more hours of sleep and dreams.

Pretty afraid of not even being able to manipulate my camera, after 6 months of unfaithfulness, next week during my weekend in Vienna, I jumped out of bed. The initial plan was to get some practice in Brussels this weekend but unfortunately this trip has been rescheduled. Under the slogan "If the plan doesn't work, change the plan but never the goal" I had an Actimel (I'm not an addict, NOT), got dressed and strolled through the rue Mouffetard and it's surroundings where the last marketeers got ready for the crowd that lay ahead of them.

Lucky me, the sun was shining, (it's raining right now, so the second mouse only got soaking wet :p) the food looked amazing and I could combine my passion for pictures with my passion for food and last but not least fill my fridge. (Abandoning the habit of checking the fridge every 10 minutes to see if any food magically appeared).

But foremost I wanted to keep my promise of taking new pictures, I admit the thought of digging in my archives occurred a few more times but I did remain strong and I made it. Here is the very first post of the 2012 spring collection. Pictures fresh from the oven, only taken a few hours ago.