Friday, March 16, 2012


After the Mexican adventure, some other adventure lay ahead of me. One with a  French touch : Paris !
6 months after my first return to France's capital, I stepped into the TGV again but this time without a return-ticket.

The Swiss can pack in with their raclette, I find myself in culinary heaven. How could I even leave two years ago (?) ... French cheese, the best wines in the world, foie gras in troops, crème brulée, crepe suzette and the traditional French baguette.

I forgot. There is one more detail that goes hand in hand with Paris. Let me introduce : The French. More precisely : The Parisians. As a foreigner it is hard to meet them (however they are all around), just like "les genevois" in Geneva they form an inner circle.

Since my early childhood I've heard this famous comparison between the French and the German. The former always win this competition with their amaaazing food (I know I am repeating myself), the French cuisine, Paris of course, la haute couture, the diversity of their country with beaches and mountains on almost every corner, and of course their côté "bons vivants" which is as if to the manner born and last but not least they are known as the best lovers in the world. Pretty attractive compared to the uptight German with the white sox in the sandals. (Ok, I admit BMW's are miles ahead of French car brands).

I won't savage them in order not to lose my few Parisian friends but their is one reproach that must be made: They don't travel. With their snobby attitude they will reply to you "why should I, our country is the most beautiful one in the world and has everything to offer you may be longing for!" (I refer to the list above). Proudly they announce : "I love rien, I'm Parisien". During my studies in Lyon, all the Parisians escaped back home every weekend, to the entertaining city that never sleeps by saying "je descends à Paris!" hm, I always believed that Paris was northern to Lyon. They would be the first not to agree on : "Je monte à Aix en Provence!"

Nevertheless, I like the Parisians. They don't only go out on Fridays and Saturdays, they are gentlemen, they are fan of my beloved Sunday brunch and show me the hidden corners and streets of Paris where the tourists don't lose themselves so that I can take tons of pictures.

(PS: This post is about clichés and is in no case a critique of the German).