Thursday, January 12, 2012


Time for a break !
This message is pretty obvious in the foreground of this picture. A cup of tea, a cosy sun lounger and in my case a good book, are all I need to forget everything around.
Chill, relax, ... breath ... something I have been told more than once, something I had to learn again and definitely an activity I wouldn't wanna miss in my life.

In contrast to this clear foreground stands the blurry background. Far behind is the hectic and busy Paris La Défense.  The major business district of the Paris aire urbaine. It's 180.000 daily workers and 3,5 million square meters of office space. Europe's statement of corporate ambition.

At some point in life you'll have to make your choice regarding your priorities in life. So did I. My point of view has changed and is quite a "contrast" to my do-or-die, embittered, highly ambitious attitude I stood for, before the ultimate breakdown.

Today I am still aiming high but I left "do-or-die" and "embittered" far behind. I have changed my "point of view" and see some things "from a different angle" and I definitely prefer La Défense from the angle in the picture. Far behind.

[Lighting duration : 1/200 / Aperture : f/6,3 / Focal width : 98 mm / ISO : 200 / Lighting : +1]