Sunday, January 15, 2012


August 4th, 6 a.m. A three-week journey to Mexico starts with a taxi drive through the still dormant city of Brussels. Lucky me that I have a Flemish last name, which spared me a few expensive minutes of "Yes I am the person you are supposed to pick up". After having passed all the controls and having replied to all the annoying questions in order to be allowed to enter the United States, I had two hours of "nothing to do" ahead of me. One thing was sure : I was waaaays too excited to sleep. After an expensive breakfast (8 € for one croissant with a not even freshly squeezed orange juice), I chose to spend the remaining time on taking pictures of the airport. Modern architecture; always a nice subject with all its symmetric lines.

Besides, Brussels Zaventem and I, we do have history.
To make a "long" story short: It's one of these locations linked to a feeling. In this case it's one of my "LONG distance relationship"-destinations including the "hello stranger" feeling every time you meet again after a "long time no see".

To all the lovers in the world who fly with a low-cost airline destination Brussels Zaventem, well you know what: you are screwed. Why? After a definitely uncomfortable and probably delayed flight, you arrive on the ground and what happens: you are still happy because in a few seconds you'll be in the arms of your waiting beloved one: NOT.
In this case you arrive at gate number 72 which is the very last one at the other end of the airport. You still have a LOOONG way ahead of you, which due to the mixture of impatience (further to the already delayed flight and the annoying neighbour on the plane),stomach ache (plane or butterflies??) tiredness and excitement seems absolutely eternal. He or She'd better be there, saying "I'll wait for you!" without complaining, because you won't guarantee for anything.

Well this time its only the two of us : Brussels Zaventem and myself.
Time for boarding. See you in three weeks. I am off to to Mexico.

[Lighting duration : 1/215 / Aperture : f/5,6 / Focal width : 109 mm / ISO : 400 / Lighting : 0]