Monday, January 2, 2012


"Elegance is an attitude"

Let me introduce : Mrs Coco F.
At first sight; definitely a stunning beauty. At second glance; still ! but you'll discover that beautiful, fashionista and apparently perfect does not mean superficial and everything that goes with it.

 I have met Mrs F. years ago on a birthday party in July 2005. Back in the days we weren't even 20 and believed that being perfect is what it's all about. 6 summers, a few broken hearts and many birthday parties later, we don't do so anymore!
I won't add further details to this story as it's privacy and that's not what this blog is about. It's about pictures. So far, I haven't posted many portraits. Taking pictures of people is my biggest foible; I feel like bothering or even annoying them. So far, she is "the only exception". I like the colours of the picture, the red flower in the background, her hands and the hands of the statue in the background and her mien expressing "are you kidding me?"

I dedicate this first 2012 post to her as a belated Happy Birthday but mainly as a Thank-you for the many deep conversations about life around many cups of tea all along the amazing year of 2011.

The title makes allusion to the fabulous elegance of Holly Golightly in the famous movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" as I consider Coco my best-dressed friend ever. The "vs" stands for her maturity towards love and life compared to the callow Holly Golightly who makes her own childish reality.
This woman is for gentlemen only and they should treat her like a lady.

Looking forward to many tea-time moments in 2012.