Friday, December 30, 2011


After a 45 kilometer drive from my home I arrived at Carole's place on the southern border of tiny Luxembourg. The weather was sticky and the hayfield completely arid due to the absence of rain since the beginning of March. Finally I was getting introduced to Carole's horses. Initially, she had only bought one in spring 2010 but the lady turned out pregnant and she finds herself with a little family. The cheeky little Hadayo, whose name stands for gift/present did not miss to entertain us during the entire afternoon.

3 apples, 200 pictures and many miles of running behind or from Hadayo, he was still not exhausted. A few minutes later we discovered the reason for his excitement; a thunderstorm had approached. All of a sudden it was windy, pretty dark and we found ourselves running trough pouring rain to the horse stable. Besides or maybe due to my hay allergie it was also very funny inside.

Herewith, once more many thanks to Carole for this nice afternoon where we combined our passions : hers for horses, mine for the camera.
The title stands of course for those horses living mainly outside and on the other side the true passion for something, that can save you from various aches and  especially that nobody can take from you.