Monday, December 19, 2011


Before going outside into to the cold to buy a few last Christmas gifts, I'll post some warm summer memories from previous June. Just like every girl, I do like flowers. Above you can see my absolute favourite one: red poppy.

This lady in red has just one pretty annoying habit: you can't gather her. She will only accord you one dance. You can admire her beauty outside, in nature where she grows as a wild one. If you pick her and imprison her in a vase, she will perish. Just like love, somehow.

"Flurry" is the feedback I mostly get regarding this picture. It's the result of having stolen another lens from my father. As you can see in the picture details underneath the aperture is F 1.6, this is what came out of it.

[Lighting duration : 1/1250 / Aperture : f/1,6 / Focal width : 85 mm / ISO : 100 / Lighting : o]