Saturday, November 26, 2011


"HOT AIR FOLLOWED BY COLD COFFEE" has been my very first attendance in a photo contest. The given theme was "hot air", up to the participants to illustrate their idea of it. After two weeks of brooding (without any result), I had already given up and decided not to participate in this competition. On midnight of May 17th was closing date. The inspiration came at 4 o'clock on that day. After having turned inside out the cupboards of my grandparents, having turned our dining room into a photo studio and having burned down a few boxes of matches by setting fire inside the cup, I had my portraiture of hot air. At 23h56 the download was complete and I was in the contest.

Many people believed that this picture would be (as usual) in Sepia shade. Well it isn't. There is just not much color in the picture apart a white cup with a golden border in front of a white wall. And some hot air of course. To make the hot air visible in the picture was the most challenging part in this entire adventure. At the beginning my family was involved in the project but a few hours later I fould myself alone, making the almost impossible possible. What I discovered is that they definitely do not just use hot coffee in the Nespresso commercials to make you "smell" their coffee by seing the vapor above the cup.

The luxembourgish expression "hot air" stands for "a lot of fuss about something that soon will be forgotten". So I tried to include this expression in my picture. To do so, I thought a cup of coffee would be a good choice as gossip is often spread around during coffee klatsch.
In the news and on every title page last spring were William & Kate due to their royal wedding. I also thought this subject would be a good example; not only because the photo contest was taking place at that period of time but also because you can find so much tableware for those royal events. It has ben THE event of the year over there on the iseland, but just like it always happens to such fuss, quickly outshined by something new, in this case Pippa's backside.

[Lighting duration : 6/10 / Aperture : f/5,6 / Focal width : 125 mm / ISO : 800 / Lighting :  0]