Sunday, November 27, 2011


With a camera it's just like with any other toy; there comes that moment where you need something new, something different, something more exciting. This was my case by the end of May when the enchantment of the photo contest, where I missed by one place the top 3 (a miss is as good as a mile) was fading. During my quest to upgrade my toy, I discovered another lens in my father's equipment. It was a macro. From now on, even life in the tiny world could not longer escape my lens...

Again, to the neighbours' entertainment, I spend afternoons creeping through our front garden, just like when I was 6. The absolute highlight, impossible to be missed due to an unmistakable scream from my side, was this green bug. For 25 years I have been screaming when I did cross such bugs, so it's not really something new to my surrounding, but on the contrary to those previous face-to-face encounters, this one was not followed by me jumping at least ten times on the insect to make sure it's as dead as a doornail; no, this time that guy was my star, the absolute centre of my attention, my most inspiring muse. By the way, either the guy really took himself for a star or he made me pay for having killed so many of his ancestors because he did not behave at all.

Finally, I was content with my very first macro pictures that I have displayed above.

PS: I did not kill him.