Saturday, November 12, 2011


There is nothing complicated about this post, nevertheless, it took me 2 weeks just to start working on it. The issue? Finding "the" perfect title. Now, you may think: "what was so complicated about making up this very basic title, which does not seem extraordinary at all?" If you do think so, then "lucky me" because that's exactly what's so tricky about it: find the matching header which is evident and however feels fit with my expectations.

Obviously I have chosen "AMBITIONS" as a title of the picture.  It has been taken on the same day as "BACK TO BLACK" in the midst of the Luxembourg fortress. It is pretty obvious why I have picked that title: a young man walking up, step by step, the stairs up to the light and the yet unknown; an image expressing the idea of aiming high. By the way, that's also the image or matching definition of Christophe, the young man in the picture: ambitious.

The perfect match I'd say, to have him in this precise picture!

[Lighting duration : 1/250 / Aperture : f/5 / Focal width : 18 mm / ISO : 775 / Lighting :  -0,3333]