Sunday, October 23, 2011


 "Voie 8: le TGV numéro 2837, à destination de Paris va partir. Prenez garde à la fermeture automatique des portes, attention au départ!"
After my escape to Geneva, I broke my vow of never ever returning to Paris and stepped into the train, destination Gare de l'Est on a sunny Monday afternoon in March 2011. Nothing had changed since. I found myself again on the same departure platform, at the same time taking the same train just like one year and a half before, where I have been swearing to turn my back to this city forever. ("Il n'y a que les cons qui ne changent pas d'avis!" as the French use to say).
I must confess, I "missed" this train that I had taken so often; wherein I have been sleeping, freezing, crying, eating (missed the "pâtes à la volaille, pignons de pin & basilic"), observing co-passengers or probably bothering them by being on the phone (...), movie-watching, working, writing, reading, dreaming ...
There was just one little detail that changed everything: for the very first time it was totally voluntary to step into that train destination Paris, destination new opportunities.

On my side for such a trip of course: my camera.
The good weather conditions virtually invited me to take pictures even before really starting my journey. My victim: the train. I really love the picture on the left, the sepia tones, the shafts of sunlight reflecting on the train and especially the background. Unfortunately it is anything but straight. After various trials in PhotoShop in order to save it, I finally chose to post the original. The right picture is obviously a self-portrait in the window of the same train, taken a few seconds before the departure.